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Cannabis in Business

The cannabis business is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world
with a diverse and exciting startup landscape.

Yet, business owners face an uphill battle when it comes to marketing themselves online.

Our  company has compiled over 7 Years of search engine data and 7 figure sales growth to give you this free access to all things digital YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW.

We're going to share everything we've learned while working with some of the nation's top businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

So Let's Roll, and Start Growing.

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Nov 21, 2018

Hi podcast listeners, welcome and thank you for tuning in

today I really appreciate your time I know you're busy and could be anywhere so thank you for being here even if it's only for a little bit.

I am joining you today back in Louisville Kentucky but I was in Las Vegas for

I believe, three nights and I just antime I leave for Vegas I've always so excited to go and then baby I'm so tired and this was just very similar experience my difficult trips to Vegas but I really really am excited to share with you a little bit about the mjbizcon conference and hopefully you were able to tune into our previous podcast or latest episode with Jim Marty founder of Bridge West CPA the world's first dedicated CPA firm to the Cannabis industry and he just to me is full of Education around tax regulation and business opportunity restrictions and to me what you need to do from a business standpoint if you're in the industry so if you are looking for a CPA. I'm definitely contact free shout-out Jim you thought I wasn't ready for myself to do that that again where we were excited to have him on and look forward to on future gas but again you get to hear me and my recap but I am going to take just hopefully.

Sometime those that get to listen on our Guardian I'll Stand playing and what we saw from the industry a little bit from the digital marketing side and so on the first big element was that SEO is in need in this industry and this is an industry that is running running so I guess it's two in one SEO is in need and the industry is running but you know those at I know for me I had preconceived notions about going about being there and first and foremost I realize this was not your Stoners weed convention however you want to throw stones at anything negative about the industry this was to me I was very impressed. With the businesses there and from a B2B standpoint again this industry is running and it is was the highlight for me the big take away over 30,000 people there and there was most I thought a lot of technology is surrounding cultivation and business ancillary products so.

I think operating systems with light and heat levels that again technology-wise are being funded and there were a lot of startups there and investors and.

Again I was very very impressed and really am still trying to digest it it was a whirlwind but that was a big big take away so the industry is running and there's certainly indeed for SEO because with that with these businesses that are launching whether it be a CPA firm like Bridge West or a platform like Baker Technologies for instance who I'm shout out to them they were they had a booth at the conference this year and I was very very impressed we were very impressed by them and their platform and what they have to offer but.

These businesses need a organic presents on not just Google but I'll alternative search engines like being in Facebook and YouTube and you cannot with all the restrictions and regulations pay.

To advertise your business so it all is that you're all in with SEO and so if you continue to TuneIn I hope if you're not if I haven't put you to sleep yet you continue to tune and we're going to talk about some of the ways if you're in cannabis how you can organically just invest 20 minutes a day 30 minutes a day and organically each week see at your website grow and it slow growth over time but it's old-fashioned organic.

Growth that you can depend on if you put the work into so keep tuning in but again big big takeaway and II big take away for us was the amount of war first of all we talked a lot about cannabis but CBD and hemp so I was certainly it just blown away by some of the companies that we were introduced to and CBD and we talked to Mark Nick media shout out to them and they were just fascinating to have a conversation with and and what they do but a lot of CBD brands that from subscription boxes to sorbet to franchises one cannabis they are a franchise or in the industry CBD and hemp and. Franchises with in that industry was to me a big take away and so I'm certainly excited to learn more it was 2 days of just a lot of information and so those were two of the big takeaways just overwhelming and I'm still following up and learning and so we're hoping it to I know that we've scheduled some upcoming guess so we're excited to have them TuneIn and sure little bit about their business and just the industry overall again we're hoping that this can be an educational platform Guardian out digital is bread and butter I see oh so we help businesses with their visibility on search engines and the frequency that they appear on search engines and So within CBD cannabis that's super super important so everybody thinks Fortuna. And I'm excited for you if you haven't seen Jim Marty tune in to the last podcast and I look forward to.