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Cannabis in Business

The cannabis business is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world
with a diverse and exciting startup landscape.

Yet, business owners face an uphill battle when it comes to marketing themselves online.

Our  company has compiled over 7 Years of search engine data and 7 figure sales growth to give you this free access to all things digital YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW.

We're going to share everything we've learned while working with some of the nation's top businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

So Let's Roll, and Start Growing.

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Our philosophy is simple:

Develop an online campaign that is consistent with our client’s brand and deliver quality results that generate revenue.

We take your investment seriously and strive to exceed all expectations.

Choosing the right digital partner for SEO & Search Engine Marketing is vital in maximizing your success online

Unfortunately, choosing the right partner in this digital age has become a difficult task.


Guardian Owl was created to take a different approach to digital. To take an approach less traveled; putting our customer’s needs before our own.

Our customers care that we take time to educate them on industry insights, what their analytics mean to their business and, most importantly, how we are helping achieve their sales goals.

Guardian Owl is a Certified Google Partner with experience in managing campaigns under 3 of 28 Google Premier SMB Partner Companies in North America.

Applying our extensive experience in digital marketing, traditional media and marketing consultation, we provide a customized strategy to obtain our clients’ objectives.